About Us

The Bokeh Studio is a photography and videography company that serves not only the Orlando and Central Florida area but also takes on projects worldwide. We provide a few key services such as commercial material for companies, documentary engagement and wedding services, and have also integrated a few new items to meet demands of our clients such as aerial photography and videography and 360 Panoramas. We also have an in-house graphic design and creative team to make sure the content we develop for you represents your vision and strategy. Be sure that we thrive to provide you with the best and only the best. If you have any questions how we can help you please click here to go to our contact page and send us a short message.

Definition of Bokeh on Wikipedia

In photographybokeh (Originally /ˈbkɛ/,[1] /ˈbk/ boh-kay — also sometimes heard as /ˈbkə/ boh-kə,[2] Japanese: [boke]) is the blur,[3][4] or the aesthetic quality of the blur,[5][6][7] in out-of-focus areas of an image.

We love bokeh not only because it looks smooth and feels beautiful, but it allows us to create separation and importance to what we want you to notice – creating focus with blur.